Carl Glickman

Carl Glickman is President of the Institute for Schools, Education, and Democracy and Professor Emeritus of Education at The University of Georgia. He began his career as a Teacher Corps intern in the rural south and, later, was a principal of award winning schools in New Hampshire.

At the University of Georgia, he and colleagues founded the Georgia League of Professional Schools, a nationally validated network of high functioning public schools dedicated to the principles of democratic education. In 1997, he was awarded the University Professorship for bringing “distinction to the mission of the University,” and students honored him as the faculty member who had the greatest influence on them “both inside and outside of the classroom.”  From 2002 to 2004, he held the first Mitte Chair in education at Texas State University (San Marcos).

Glickman is the author or editor of 13 books on school leadership, educational renewal, and the moral imperative of education. His latest book, Those Who Dared: Five Visionaries Who Changed American Education (Teachers College Press, 2008) is available in bookstores across the country. All royalties are donated to non profit organizations serving youth and the book can be found at

Carl and his spouse Sara reside in Athens, Georgia and spend summers in their family home in Saint Albans Bay, Vermont. Carl currently is on leave from the Forum to pursue several creative writing projects and can be contacted directly at (

Carl's publications include Renewing America's Schools: A Guide for School-Based Action.