Forum Merges with Coalition of Essential Schools

by The Forum

After a year of conversations, the Forum for Eduation and Democracy has merged with the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES). Members of the boards of each organization have joined the new board of the Coalition of Essential Schools and all operations have moved to a central office in Portland, Maine.

Reflecting on this merger, George Wood, chair of the new CES board, put it this way: "We have pulled together two organizations which share common goals and have complementary strengths. The Forum brings to the mix the best education policy thinkers and CES brings a network of schools that model what American public education can be. This combination of policy and practice should influence the next iteration of education reform as the current test and punish, centralized control model is clearly not improving our schools."

Serving on the CES Board are such well-known educational leaders as Forum Conveners Linda Darling-Hammond, Deborah Meier, Pedro Noguera, Sharon Robinson, James Comer, among others.

The new organization will retain the name of the Coalition of Essential Schools and will soon be launching a new website and newsletter as well as announcing plans for its next annual gathering in November.

All current subscribers to The Forum's newsletter will continue to receive communications from the merged organization.