Press Inquiries

The Forum’s Conveners and staff bring a wide range of experiences and expertise to their work. Contact us for comments at or by phone at 740-590-1579.  For interviews with our Conveners or other questions about The Forum, contact Chris Stephens at or at 216-374-4319.


Convener/Staff Areas of Expertise

Judith Browne-Dianis

  • grassroots advocacy
  • school discipline/school-to-prison pipeline
  • civil rights law
  • high stakes testing
  • education equity

James Comer

  • education reform
  • Comprehensive School Plan
  • Comer Method

Linda Darling-Hammond

  • learning & teaching
  • systemic education reform
  • instructional leadership
  • student and whole-school assessment

Carl Glickman

  • educational leadership
  • school renewal
  • the public purpose of education
  • education and democracy
  • crafting policies of action

John Goodlad

  • school renewal
  • teacher education
  • curriculum development
  • education for democratic understanding

Gloria Ladson-Billings

  • culturally appropriate pedagogy
  • equity in education
  • curriculum & instruction

Deborah Meier

  • early childhood
  • performance assessment
  • small schools
  • high school reform
  • urban minority schools

Larry Myatt

  • urban education reform
  • collaborative leadership
  • dropout prevention strategies
  • alternative education/multiple pathways
  • school redesign

Pedro Antonio Noguera

  • urban school reform
  • youth development
  • race relations
  • immigration and demographic change
  • urban sociology
  • males of color
  • urban social policy

Wendy D. Puriefoy

  • building public will for school reform
  • the role of intermediary organizations in school reform and/or teacher residency programs
  • college access and success for first generation students

Sharon P. Robinson

  • national education policy
  • teacher preparation
  • systemic education reform

Nancy Sizer

  • democratic pedagogy
  • school reform
  • moral education

Angela Valenzuela

  • high-stakes testing policies
  • English language learners
  • immigration and education
  • schooling for Latino/a youth

George Wood

  • democracy and education
  • secondary school reform
  • consequences of state and Federal education policies in schools
  • adolescent literacy