Tony Monfiletto

Tony is a native of Albuquerque New Mexico and has worked in school reform since 1990. He earned a BA from New Mexico State University and a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Finance from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. 

He began his career at the Chicago Panel on Public School Policy helping to promote the restructuring of the Chicago Public Schools. After leaving Chicago in 1993, he joined the staff of the Legislative Education Study Committee in Santa Fe where he specialized in public school finance. This big picture work was fundamental in establishing the context for creating high performing small schools in his home town. Tony was the founder and lead administrator at Amy Biehl High School, a model of innovation in the Albuquerque community that was designated a "mentor" school by the Coalition of Essential Schools.

In 2010, Tony began work on ACE Leadership High School, the first in a network of the next generation of STEM schools in New Mexico. These institutions will be dedicated to the premise that "learning by doing," Positive Youth Development, and the highest level of private industry collaboration, will result in schools that can dramatically improve the opportunity to get out of poverty in Albuquerque. His efforts were recognized by "Partners for Developing Futures" a grant making intermediary that funds charter school leaders of color.  ACE Leadership was one of only four schools to receive funding from this group.

Tony has served on multiple legislative and Executive committees for the state of New Mexico.  He was the founding President of the New Mexico Coalition of Charter Schools, and is a former board member of New Mexico Appleseed.  He currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for the New Mexico Water Collaborative and as a member of the New Mexico Community Foundation. 

Finally, in June 2011 Tony was named a Sizer Fellow by The Forum for Education and Democracy, an initiative funded by the Ford Foundation.